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Shop local – help local people and the local economy.

Shop Local

Shop local at Warwick Lane and Wickham in general has many shops that are independent shops. The people working in the shops tend to be the owners of the businesses and they LOVE doing what they do and making the most of the opportunity to get their business out there. They often work 6 to 7 days a week and 8 hours a day. They talk with passion about their business, offer help/advice and often lend a hand to other small businesses locally.

When a customer shops in an independent shop, they are not only helping to support their business, their family and the local economy, that’s right… the benefits of shopping local are not only economic but also environmental and social.

The first benefit of shopping local is that it supports the economy in your community. When you shop at a locally-owned store, you are helping to keep money in your own community where it can be spent on other businesses and families. This creates a multiplier effect for the economy as that money continues to circulate.

Secondly, shopping local helps conserve natural resources by keeping them out of landfills and supporting recycling programs. The small business owners are less likely to have a big carbon footprint because they don’t need an international distribution network or large warehouses like big box stores do.

Lastly, when you shop at locally-owned stores, you’re supporting the people who work there – from the owner to the cashier – which strengthens your sense of community and ‘we’, the local business owners appreciate every penny and every pound that you spend.

We are not knocking large chains or corporate structures as everything has its place and everyone has their convenience. We just want our customers to know that independent businesses tend to stock unique or limited products and services that offer an experience, advice or even just an acknowledgement that often goes with a browse or a purchase.

We thank you, when you shop with us!

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